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As well as making Glow in the dark mobiles we also produce a series of craft based products.

Individual Glow in the dark shapes are available along with all the components to allow you to make up your own mobiles. We also have Stencil kits & Glowbug kits for kids of all ages and tumble polished birth stones, silver cages and leather thonging for birthstone pendants. All are available to purchase online.

Glowbiles Stencil kits

Each kit contains 4 glow-in-the-dark shapes, paper, crayons, glitter & glue. An ideal gift for youngsters aged 4 and above.

Children are invited to take digital photos of their artwork produced with these stencils and email them to for inclusion in our Kids Gallery

Please note we recommend that these items are used  under adult supervision.



A crafty idea for children aged 4 and over. Each kit contains everything required to make 10 glowbugs, glow-in-the-dark pebbles, legs, goggle eyes, magnets (to make fridge or radiator magnets) & PVA glue. Features can easily be drawn on using fine tipped marker pens (not supplied)

Children are invited to take digital photos of their Glowbugs and email them to for inclusion in our Kids Gallery. To see what can be made from these kits take a look at our Kids Gallery

 Please note: when completed these are not toys but glow-in-the-dark decorations, Glowbugs craft kits should only be used under adult supervision.


Individual Glow in the dark shapes

Please choose your preferred shapes from the dropdown list

Select Glow Shape

Glowbile Kit

A complete kit to make your own glow in the dark mobile. Kit contains 4 different glow in the dark shapes 2 x Stainless steel hangers (1 long, 1 short) with 2 x hanging glowclips, 1 birthstone & silver cage, beads for decoration & 0.5mm nylon monofiliment for hanging the shapes & Beads


Select Birthstone
Select Birthstone

We are happy to make up a kit to your specification. If you want all the same glow in the dark shapes or a particular colour for beads or birthstone please email your requirements to and we will create a kit for you

Birthstone pendant.

Contains a Birthstone of your choice in a silver cage attached to an adjustable leather thong


Select Birthstone
Select Birthstone